How to Boost Affiliate Sales As a Blogger

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular and proven ways to make money out of your blog. Huge commission for a sale is the reason behind the massive success of affiliate marketing. Previously I have talked about Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing and if you read that you know the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marking.

The road to affiliate marketing for a beginner is not very easy and needs a lot of dedication and hard work to get established. Once you get a reputation among the customers and the engine of money machine will get started. Here are some tips that will help you boost your affiliate sales.

How to Boost Affiliate Sales

Build a loyal audience base

Affiliate marketing is all about trust, once you get trusted by people they will start purchasing the products you recommend. To win the trust of the readers share useful tools and tips, that will help their business to grow. If their business is growing and generate revenue only then they will purchase the service or tool you recommend.

Promote to the right person

Promoting a product to the right person works like charm and in most cases, it will generate sales. If a visitor reaches your website by searching “best WordPress themes”, that means he is looking for a WordPress theme and if you include a theme development or customization service affiliate banner on that article it will drive more attraction than anywhere else.

Choose the right product or service

On a gadget or technology blog promoting WordPress themes and plugins will not drive that many sales as a blog about WordPress themes. So, choosing the right product is very important to generate a high amount of sales. While choosing a  product think about your niche and only choice if it is highly related to the topic.

Use the product or service yourself

It’s best to use the product yourself before suggesting to other people. If you promote useless or faulty products for a high percentage of commission it will harm your reputation and those purchased the product will never believe you and may share negative feedback with friends. So before promoting a completely new or products having mixed reviews give them a try to judge yourself whether to promote it or not.

Write a positive review of the product

A positive review of products always drives more sales. Review all the products you promote in a positive sense.  If the product has some minor negative points include them in your review with a way to overcome them, you can also cover them with the usefulness if they are very minor.

Provide special discounts

On occasions like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, almost all brands provide huge discounts on their products and as an affiliate, you can use them to drive more sales. Brands like Hostgator also give affiliates a special opportunity to create custom coupon codes and you can unique codes with your website name on it ( Like “25tronhost”, use this coupon to get 25% discount on the purchase of any Hostgator plans). This will help you to get the affection of happy readers, who purchased the product.

Offer free services on purchase with your link

People like freebies and you can use it to boost sales. Provide a free setup guide of products or services like free WordPress installation, theme, and plugin setup on the purchase of hosting plans, themes, or plugins with your affiliate link.

Promote on social media

Last but not least way to drive more affiliate sales is to promote products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, etc. It is better to share the link of the product review than directly sharing the affiliate links.

Trust me, I personally use the above-mentioned tips in affiliate marketing. Now it’s your turn to utilize the tips and skyrocket affiliate sales like a pro. If you want to share something more just comment below and I’ll include that in my article.

16 thoughts on “How to Boost Affiliate Sales As a Blogger”

  1. Hi again Arup,
    Sweet Post and the most important point I’m glad to see you put first…
    “Build a loyal audience base” There’s a saying that Craig Desorcy uses…
    Surrender yourself to service – Once we do that, once we understand that the goal is to be a service provider to our readers it’s a hell of a lot easier to connect & gain the respect & trust needed.

  2. Hi Arup Ghosh,

    Affiliate Marketing has enriched the way, people make money online. However, the first and foremost thing that one need to take in consideration before starting Affiliate, is of having a solid foundation of great articles, and too have plenty of readers as because, frankly speaking you can not make money through Affiliates, if you aren’t having good amount of readers as because they’r the one who are interested in buying through your link, ONLY if you be good and helpful to them.

    You can occasionally write review of the product/theme/hosting, to get more expose, and sales. You can too opt for email marketing to make some easy cash just with one go. Apart all these, I’d say you have laid down several great points over here.

    Have a great weekend ahead.
    – Bishal Biswas

    • Yep , totally agree with you Bishal. We need a bunch of quality articles to turn visitors into loyal readers.
      If you don’t provide information that help readers . why should they trust you and care about what you recommend?

  3. I believe in trust & promoting affiliate product . Also this all tips will help out any new & expert affiliate marketers. This is good tips & thanks for sharing this tips …

    Have a nice day Friend. & Keep writing.

  4. Great points you mentioned but I cannot see a word ‘SEO’ here. Sometimes you don’t even have to grow loyal audience base. Loyal audience aren’t necessarily targeted audience.

    • I’ve not mentioned SEO as most of the bloggers are very concerned about optimization and gaining higher(actually lower) rank in SERP. By the way thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add this point to my article soon.



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