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Arup Ghosh

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On July 2, 2016
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Magazine3 is a leading name in WordPress theme industry and they have a vast collection of modern generation themes. This review is an overview of the services provided by the company.

Magazine3 is a WordPress theme development company based in Hyderabad, India and online since 2010. Remember the Skin WordPress theme , I  reviewed some time ago ? It’s the creation of founders of Magazine3,  Ahmed Kaludi, and Mohammed Kaludi.They are providing a premium quality WordPress theme for free so you can guess about the quality of their premium theme collection.

Currently, the company features 43 themes of which 6 are freebies. Currently they offer two subscription plan, first one is single theme purchase for $59 and the second one is a 1-year membership for $ 249. The first plan offers access to a single theme for a lifetime and can be used in an unlimited number of websites. One year membership plan gives access to all themes currently available in the site plus other theme released in your subscription period but after one year you have to renew the membership for $149.

The collection of their themes covers almost every blogging niche like personal blogs, technology, news, gadget, sports, fashion, food and more. So what makes the Magazine3 themes so special?



The design of the themes is very specific and modern in comparison with  current designing trends and  topic of the blog. The best thing is that they provide free lifetime update with every purchase so you don’t have to pay extra money to get the last version. All of their themes are 100% mobile friendly.

Built-in SEO

Adding an extra plugin means adding extra load to your hosting plan. But themes from Magazine3 comes with built-in SEO options like the leading WordPress SEO plugins reducing the need of a modern day most unavoidable tool in blogging. If you are not happy with default options you can also third-party plugins with zero compatibility issue.

WordPress Customizer Support

Who does not want to preview the changes before going live? All the themes from this brand come with WordPress customizer support and you will be able to preview all the changes without making them public every time.


Most of us serve the third party or affiliate ads to monetize the content in the blog. Keeping that in mind the developers have included a lot of specific advertisement placing areas to boost the revenue generation. Also, you can include more ad units using plugins available in WordPress repository without any compatibility related issue.

Key features of all the themes:

  • Compatible with WordPress 4+ versions.
  • Automatic post thumbnails using native image cropping method.
  • Themes are compatible with all modern web browsers.
  • Add logo, favicon, and browser icon easily from theme panel.
  • Valid HTML5 Markup.
  • Built in Magazine3 special widgets.


One of the most important thing to check before purchasing anything is the quality of support. As a user, I’ve got quality support from Magazine3 but I’ll also mention that their response was not frequent. Sometimes it took almost 48hrs to get a reply from their support team, but from last week the responses were prompt. I’ll give a 3/5 rating for their support quality.

If you have used Magazine3 themes in any of your website or client projects I’ll love to hear about your experience.

Magazine3 is a leading name in WordPress theme industry and they have a vast collection of modern generation themes. This review is an overview of the services provided by the company.

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