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On January 17, 2014
Last modified:May 5, 2020

Summary: is the worst hosting compay I used till now and I will request you not to waste money by purchasing their plans.

When I planned to start a self-hosted WordPress blog, the only thing I was searching for is a good quality cheap shared hosting plan. I came across various hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster offering cheap and reliable hosting plans but the only problem was the payment method. I started to search for an India based hosting company that has nearly the same features.

In this period I came across with a bunch of attractive features at a reasonable price. As the company was new then there was no good or bad review was available on the internet so without wasting time I grabbed their Gold-L plan. At the time of launch on this plan, they offered a free domain name, 500GB of webspace, and 1000GB monthly bandwidth in Rs 2000.

Hostingfarms Review

 Problems I faced after the purchase:

After making the payment I was very happy as this was the first time I purchased a hosting account. The first problem I faced was very minor instead of 1000 GB bandwidth the hosting cPanel was showing 100GB and it was fixed shortly by the support team. My faith in the company increased after this.

After connecting my previously purchased domain with hosting nameservers I stared a gadget review blog. Everything was fine for two weeks but on the 15th day, my blog was down for the whole day was also down. I called the support numbers but nobody was there to pick up my phone call. At that time my blog was receiving 2500-3000 visitors per day, I was frustrated with nothing to do.

On the next day evening, everything got normal but this was only the start, my website started getting MySQL database error every day. The number of visitors started to decline and dropped to 300-400 visits/per day as the site was down most of the time. My inbox filled with Site Up and Site Down messages and the support was helpless, they can’t even give me any proper reasons.

Typical Problems I have faced:

On the above I have only talked about downtime problems, well there were not only the downtime problems some typical problems also accompanied them.

The first on this list is the file uploading problem of WordPress. As a blogger, I use WordPress for creating self-hosted blogs, its easy to use and very handy with a well-equipped plugin directory. I had tried WordPress on free hosting but never faced any problem while uploading images, in the case of Hostingfarms I faced problems while uploading pictures and other media files.

The next one is the cPanel password change without any notice. I don’t generally access the hosting cPanel too much and also use a very strong password to keep my account safe. While using Hostingfarms the server admin has changed my cPanel password several times without sending me any email notifications. When I asked the support team they are facing security issues. They don’t even know how to keep servers secure and started a hosting company :).

Blocking of IP address in the name of security. Hostingfarms blocked IP addresses of mine and other writers of my blog, I think they even blocked the IPs of my visitors in the name of security measures and I have to regularly message support to unblock my self.

Now I’m going to tell you about the most irritating problem “Loss of Data”. For the poor protection of servers of the company was hacked and infected with malware. Almost every website that was hosted on Hostingfarms was compromised and cPanel was not accessible for one week. When they reinstated everything, I saw articles for the last four days before the infection was completely missing.

There are some other problems I regularly faced while using’s hosting. It’s your turn to tell about is the worst hosting compay I used till now and I will request you not to waste money by purchasing their plans.

17 thoughts on “ Review : The Worst WebHosting I Have Ever Used”

  1. I am using Reseller Hosting Services from HOSTING FARMS.COM
    The problems I am facing with them is that after sometime their server crashes
    and all my sites on their server stop working, I lose all the data of and on my websites
    And when I raise a ticket or call them regarding this, they do not answer any calls, tickets, mails … no matter what
    They are providing very poor services and are bringing bad name to their customers also.
    Please do not use any services from HOSTINGFARMS.COM

  2. Hi ARUP GHOSH, I’m first time to visit your blog 🙂 hosting farm really get bad service support my viewpoint for best host provider for WP blogging. Go with Bluehost or Hostgator and get unlimited plans and and get best customer support. Thank for sharing Us a useful.

    • I personally recommend InMotionHosting, I’m currently using their services and they are just awesome from the point of security and website up time. Their support about WordPress is not that awesome but better than any other I’ve used till the date.

  3. Hi Arup Ghosh,

    What web hosting provider can you recommend? I almost signed up for Hosting Farms, good thing I was able to read your blog post.

  4. I read your complete review about I generally don’t rely on hosting on other than the big companies like hostgator, bluehost etc. Its always better to pay a little extra for things like hosting because you may never know how much you are going to lose in futiure if something goes wrong

  5. This sounds like a nightmare experience and a company not to be associated with. If they are very cheap then it is for a reason.

    I recently moved to Hostgator and am very happy there. I appreciate you don’t like the payment method but I don’t think you expanded on why you don’t like it?

    They are one of the biggest players out there and for good reason. So far I am happy with them and would recommend them. Their support is also very quick.

  6. Hello everyone, This is causing with you all people because you fall on their low cost price trap. I recommend you all guys do not fall on new hosting companies specially made for the fraud or scam. It is not their fault its our fault as we choose them. I never use this kind of cheap hosting provider never. I buy premium hosting service. Just think if any body gives you unlimited reseller at just 6999 for 3 year its looking like a scam. Think 100times before fall in like scams. I had also seen their website while they are running promotion on Google and Facebook but after seeing their site I understand they are newbie not professional. Also initiate chat and have confident they are 100% fraud team.

    Always choose min 3-5 year old company and search their review on google you will come to know their service facts.

    Not all reviews are fake or generated by company it self.

    All the best for your future host.

  7. I use local company hosting but maximum time my site show many errors then i contact hosting company and they solve them. Can you tell me why show this errors?


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